Photo Book


A couple of Christmas' ago, I created a photography book of my dad's photography.  Check it out on

Here's the intro to the book...

Charles Kator, my dad, was born in 1950 and raised in Dubois, Idaho. He is the proud father of three children – Travis, Corinne, and Kristen (that's me!). He is currently living and teaching in Soda Springs, Idaho where he raised his family.

This book is a collection of my father's photographs taken from 1975 to 1999. Many of the images in this book were found scratched and faded in an old box in Dad's basement. I was determined to save and preserve these photos. After scanning and patiently retouching each photograph, I carefully selected, cropped, and re-colored the best images. I then created a book design and laid them out into the following pages. Now the photographs are here for us all to enjoy.

The chapters in this book are arranged by photographic subject. The chapter titles reflect the interests and hobbies of my dad, who is often found hiking the hills of Idaho, bird watching on the banks of the Alexander, and taking photographs at Mike's ponds.