Lloyd's Building Inside-Out

Every year, the most beautiful and interesting buildings in London open their doors to anyone and everyone who wish to get a glimpse of what’s inside.  This free event is called Open House London.  As an appreciator of great architecture, I decided to venture out into the city with my umbrella, Open House iPhone app guide, and trusty camera to check out the buildings in the financial district.  I visited the Lloyd’s building.  It is sometimes known as the Inside-Out Building because, like the Pompidou Center in Paris, its services such as staircases, elevators, electrical power conduits and water pipes are on the outside, leaving an uncluttered space inside.  I was hoping to visit other buildings in the area, but unfortunately I got lost in the rain, gave up, and made my way home.  The trip wasn’t a complete disappointment as I came away with some great photos.

Kew Again

Streets of Richmond


Last night, I walked around Richmond and took photos of shop windows.  Originally, I thought I would find uniquely lit beautiful products and women's fashion.  Surprisingly, I felt a sense of vacancy, gloom, and eeriness. Empty shops, empty clothes, empty streets.

Here Comes the Sun


It's been a long cold lonely winter, but spring has finally come!  This week, we've had the nicest weather in London.  I also spent the week freelancing in Soho.  On my walk to the train station, I snapped several photos on my iPhone.  Here are a few of my favorites.